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Civic Amenities
Power:Harnessing the Wind & Sun
A Clean, Reliable, Energy Independent Lifestyle

AT Bali, we are fortunate to have an abundance of two important resources: wind and sun. 'Bali' Green Village harnesses energy from both of these resources to power each home with clean, reliable energy. We use a wind turbine and photovoltaic panels for collecting energy. 'Bali' Farm Village is also connected to the APCPDCL through access Energy. If there is a power failure, we seamlessly transition to grid electricity.

Civic Amenities
'Bali' Farm Village is planning to generate about 5,000 watts of energy per month. The basic building block of a photovoltaic plate is the cell. Photons of light excite electrons within the cell, converting sunlight to direct current.

Many cells wired together create a module. The wiring of cells creates the specific voltage that the plate is capable of generating. We have several types of photovoltaic collector plates taking advantage of the lavish 'Bali' sun.

'Bali' is located in a viable wind zone, where a suitable wind power density makes ideal conditions for harvesting wind. Wind is a natural resource, and with all natural systems, daily and seasonal variations must be taken into account.

During winter months, our wind machine is responsible for approximately 20 percent of the energy generated at 'Bali' EcoVillage. During summer months, the wind provides about 30 percent of our energy.

Pure water from the Sky

Imagine.your morning shower is a refreshing rainstorm delivered straight from your shower!

At 'Bali' we harness rainwater to source extraordinarily pure, fresh water to each home. We have sufficient water sources like Natural Pond, Bore wells and Farm Ponds. Each house collects rainwater off the roof and carries it underground to two cisterns. The water in these tanks pass through purification process.

When Drinking water is concern we provide filtered safe water to each and every home in 'Bali 'Village. We won't promote branded bottled water. For supplying water we provide Overhead/Pneumatic water supply network throughout 'Bali' Village.

Second grade water serves the toilets and the outside taps for watering the yard and gardens. This water is collected from the pond and goes through a gravel bed filtration system. Although this water is fairly clean, it should only be used for non-potable purposes.

You will love showering in the morning, knowing that the water has come directly from the skies, and does not need to be treated with harsh chemicals.

Enjoy a lifestyle of health and sustainability

We planned to provide a genuine Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability environment to our residents. By providing a holistic environment that is the ideal setting for a sustainable way of life, we are offering enlightened individuals the opportunity to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones.

For having basic medical facilities we are going to arrange clinic facility at 'Bali'. And Professional Doctors will attend on call for minor medical treatment and emergencies. There are Private hospitals, being approximately a 10 minute drive from the 'Bali' Village. First Aid will be available at all residential, Farm and sports areas. Pharmacy will be set up in the Village.

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