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Things to do

Nature's splendors

Endless wonders

Bali Village creating a special place for you where memorable moments are just a thought away. A beautiful heaven where tranquil parks, meandering Plantation Greens and rich heritage village are crafted just for you. You will get priceless memories and promising appreciations here at 'Bali'. All these are naturally yours.

Things to do

Some of the things to do on the farm.

Farm Tour

A fun and educational farm tour lead by our experience tour guides.

Observe nature

observe nature

When walking around the Bali Farm & Village, slow down and observe your surroundings. You may notice there is always something going on around.

Hanging Bridge / Flying Fox

Small little things can be fun too, cross the pond using hanging bridge or by gliding through the flying fox.

Bullock Cart Riding

observe nature

Tour on Bullock cart to the Neighbouring Village will give you an unforgettable experience along with your family.

Pottery session

Participate in an Indian great art of Pottery and collect artistic pots for your interiors.


Swim in the natural Pool of Bali Village; recharge your body with traditional aquatic exercises.

Village Games

Memorize your childhood days with village games and make memorable days to your kids : gilli danda, lagori, spinning top, catapult firing, Cycle tyre racing.

Sitting by a bonfire at night

Share your opinions and meet your dearer by bonfire at night, have a fine dine and finest photographs.


observe nature

For the movie and screen lovers we arrange Big Screen Hall to have an entertainment of Classic Movies or Crazy Cricket match.

Discover Bali Village

There are lots of great foods, things to see and do in Bali Village.

Relax & Recharge

Leave your daily hustle and bustle and "just let go"!

Learn about healthy living

Learn about healthy living through our sharing sessions.

Herbs garden & nursery

Our herbs garden contains over 100 species of plants, many of them with Indian and Local traditional medicinal properties.

Bubble making

Have fun making your own and see who can come up with the biggest bubble!.

Fly a kite

The perfect place to fly a kite.

Challenge someone at chess

Put your mind to work

Test your chess skills with our giant size chess.

Pet feeding

Get a chance to feed the Cow, Poultry, Goats, ostriches Tortoise and rabbits.

Catch up on your books

With cloudy skies and gentle breeze, it is the perfect place to kick back with all those books you need to catch up on.

Go for a jog

With 240 acres of land packed with greens and a view that can't be beat, you'll have no problem fitting in your workout.

Yoga / Health Camp

In a serene and tranquil environment, your mind will enjoy the harmony while your body gets toned and fit.

Foot Fumigation

Foot fumigation improves the blood circulation of the lower limbs, detoxification and many more.

Check out our mini organic market

Check out our mini organic market filled with products ranging from fresh vegetables, fruits and our own manufactured products.

Photographer's Heaven

From gorgeous flowers and greenery, you'll have no problem finding a photo opportunity here.

Ease into your morning

We'll make sure you start your day off right!

Backyard astronomy / Stargazing

Take your time away from the hustle and bustle by viewing the starry night sky.

Family & Friends Gathering

observe nature

The perfect setting to get some together time with your family and friends.

Celebrate a special holiday

From New Year's Day to Sankranthi (Pongal) we will always have something special planned or just get away for an exciting week of holiday themed activities.

Take a romantic getaway

The peaceful and quiet environment serves as the perfect backdrop to a romantic night away from home.


Enjoy and indulge in our café's menu.

BBQ party

Light up the grill and throw a barbeque party!

Birthday Bash

A truly unique way to celebrate your birthday! We are able to provide the setting, food, drinks and activities.

Propose / Get Married / Anniversary

May it be a proposal, marriage or an anniversary, Bali Farm Resort is the perfect backdrop for all your needs. Our guys have even been known to lend a helping hand in proposal preparations!

And many more...

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